Conduct a rebranding for Ozon.ru. Make the brand lively, dynamic, add movement and character.

We held several workshops that allowed us to understand how the Ozon team itself sees the future and the brand image, and together come to a bold and unconventional solution.

The new logo turned out lively, dynamic, with movement and character: the capital "N" creates a graphical rhyme between the two consonants, and thanks to the emphasis on the accented "O," the logo becomes dynamic, elastic, and light on the rise.

This mood is also developed in the new corporate graphics: it is based on the relationships of simple geometric shapes and contrasting color spots. It is as open, straightforward, and lively as the brand itself.

Andrew Abramov
Vladimir Kolomeytsev
Anna Levant
Valeriy Volchetskiy
Vitaliy Bikov
Ekaterina Aleksandrova
Margarita Krinochkina