Yandex Afisha

Develop a corporate style for Yandex.Afisha - more recognizable, harmoniously fitting into the existing appearance of the service, and being part of the Yandex visual ecosystem.

Our idea is inspired by bright visual images of open airs, performances, parties, and exhibitions. The entrance, navigation, and barrier tape that meet and direct the viewer organize the event space. Modular structures, metal forms - assemble into a scene, grandstand, or even an installation. Soffit rays, directed at the stage, cutting through the darkness of the spotlight. All these bright symbols are combined in the corporate "A" in the service icon and in the corporate style graphics.

Develop a visual image for the advertising campaign of Continental summer tires of the UHP (Ultra High Performance) segment.

Do you know the feeling of flight? When you reach what you have long and hard strived for? We emphasized that buying premium tires from the Ultra High Performance segment is one of those benchmarks when you understand that you have realized yourself as an individual.

Together with the 19tones team, we created a KeyVisual, the main element of which was a paraglider shaped like one of the Continental UHP segment tires.

Andrew Abramov
Vladimir Kolomeytsev
Anna Levant
Margarita Babich
Olga Golikova