Red Keds is a creative agency that mainly deals with non-standard decisions in advertising. We work in the market of advertising and we're interested in everything that connects and advances products and services.

We think out ideas, we prepare strategic researches, we develop design, we shoot commercials, we create sites, and we engage in marketing with in the social networks. With over 4o employees, we work hard to create innovative ideas for different clients.

Our mission — creative creation and service to humanistic ideals mankind. This formula reflects our desire to create ideas which we hope will inspire people. We believe that advertising is capable not only to sell, but also to install positive hopes and to clear up love. We are ready to defend our ideas and concepts.

First of all we try to show to client our ideals and culture of creativity. At the same time they teach us, we ask questions and most importantly, listen.

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Red Keds is only 6 years old, but we have already worked with some of the largest transnational brands like: Honda, Infiniti, Hochland, Sony, Ikea, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Danone, Heineken, and Audi. These are only a few clients Red Keds have worked with.

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